Spring/Summer 2022/2023

Speakers for Spring/Summer 2023:

30/June/23: Camilo Libedinsky (NUS, Singapore)

01/June/23: Loreen Hertag (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

12/May/23: Leonidas Richter (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Germany)

21/April/23: Joana Cabral (University of Minho/Champalimaud, Portugal)

14/April/23: Xiao-Jing Wang (New York University, US)

03/March/23: Heike Stein (ENS, Paris, France)

24/February/23: Kris Jensen (University of Cambridge, UK)

17/February/23:  Ulises Pereira-Obilinovic (Allen Institute, US)

03/February/23: Conor Houghton (Bristol, UK).








Autumn 2022

02/12/22: Neural Computation seminar (online): Richard Naud (University of Ottawa)  (Hosts: Rui/Joe)

A ternary neural code resolves error and sharpening signals

02/12/22: Neural Computation seminar (MVB room 4.01): Jorge Jaramillo (European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen, Germany)  (Host: Seán)

“Subcortical-cortical interactions for cognitive computations”.

18/11/22: Neural Computation seminar (TBD): Luke Prince (Graphcore)  (Hosts: Rui/Joe)

Parallelism, efficiency, scaling and brain

14/10/22: Neural Computation seminar (G.10 LT Fry Building): Seán Froudist-Walsh (Bristol)  (Hosts: Conor/Rui/Laurence)

Gradients of receptor expression shape distributed cognitive functions



Spring 2022

Meetings are hold at 3pm on Fridays.

TBA: Neural Computation seminar: Seán Froudist-Walsh (New York University) – TBA (Hosts: Conor/Rui/Laurence)

TBA: Neural Computation Seminar: Joao Sacramento (ETH Zurich) – TBA (Host: Rui Ponte Costa/Will Greedy/Heng Zhu)

  • April 29th: Neural Computation seminar:

Srikanth Ramaswamy (Newcastle University) – What can deep neural networks learn from neuromodulatory systems? (Hosts: Rui Ponte Costa/Heng Zhu/Majia Filipovica)

2021/2022 Autumn

Meetings are hold at 3pm on Fridays.

8 Oct: NC Seminar: Kate Storrs (Justus Liebig University) – Understanding mid-level vision through unsupervised learning (Hosts: Rui Ponte Costa/Milton Llera Montero/Kevin Nejad)

15 Oct: TBA

22 Oct: TBA

29 Oct: NC seminar: Sadra Sadeh (Imperial College London) – Excitatory-inhibitory balance modulates the formation and dynamics of neuronal assemblies in cortical networks (Hosts: Rui Ponte Costa/Joe Pemberton/Will Greedy)

3 Dec: NC Seminar: Joao Sacramento (ETH Zurich) – TBA (Host: Rui Ponte Costa)

Spring 2021

Most meetings on Fridays at 3pm


22 January Hannes Saal (Sheffield): Expansion and contraction of resource allocation in sensory bottlenecks

5 Feb Benigno Uria (Google Deepmind): The Spatial Memory Pipeline: A deep-learning model of spatial understanding in brains and machines.

26 Feb Mac Shine (Sidney University): TBA

19 March ethics discussion on reanimation at zoom 963 0962 4747

26 March Demian Battaglia ( Aix-Marseille University):  Complex neural variability as a resource for cognitive information processing at zoom 963 0962 4747

9 April Jennifer Culbertson (Edinburgh) Understanding nominal word order through information theory and biased learning  at zoom 963 0962 4747

16 April Sander Keemink (Champalimaud):  The underlying geometry of spiking neural networks – on inequalities and convex optimization at zoom 993 6866 9173 Passcode: 028770 

23 April Áine Byrne (U. College Dublin): Next generation neural mass models: an introduction at zoom 963 0962 4747

30 April Seth Bullock (CS) Collective construction in artificial insects at zoom 963 0962 4747

7 May there is an interesting talk in maths which clashes so we won’t have a seminar of our own: https://www.bristolmathsresearch.org/seminar/giacomo-zanella/

14 May learning salon video and discussion at zoom 963 0962 4747

21 May Will Carr: Ripples and memory reactivation patterns in humans
Jonathan Blackman: Dopamine, Sleep and Cognition – DOPAMIND Study

28 May John Butler (Dublin TU)  Two become one: Multisensory Data and Future Modelling at zoom 963 0962 4747

4 June Will Greedy. Journal club talk on https://www.nature.com/articles/s41593-021-00857-x at zoom 963 0962 4747

Autumn 2019

13 Dec – Emma Roscow (CNU)

6 Dec – TBD

3 Dec (2pm) – CNU seminar: Romain Veltz (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis)

On a toy network of neurons interacting through a nonlinear dendritic compartment

29 Nov – No meeting

22 Nov – Sean Roberts (Anthropology)

Causal Graphs will save us all from Big Data

15 Nov – Haris Organtzidis (PPN/CNU)

Journal club: Cortical Circuit Dynamics Are Homeostatically Tuned to Criticality In Vivo, Ma et al., 2019, Neuron (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0896627319307378)

8 Nov – Michael Brudfords (Bristol)

Generative models for analysing clinical neuroimaging data

1 Nov – CNU seminar: Laurence Aitchison (CNU) Bayesian inference for synaptic plasticity and deep learning

25 Oct – Ashley Tyrer (CNU)

Noradrenaline in Optimal Decision Making and State-Action Prediction Error

18 Oct – Beatriz Mizusaki (CNU) Representation variability in somatosensory circuits

11 Oct – Milton Llera Montero (EP/CNU) journal club on:

Maheswaranathan et al. Universality and individuality in neural dynamics across large populations of recurrent networks   https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.08549.pdf

4 Oct – Amelia Burroughs (CNU)

Grammar, lexical category and the neural processing of language

Venue schedule: All rooms are in MVB and we meet on Fridays at 3pm.

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