Autumn 2022

02/12/22: Neural Computation seminar (online): Richard Naud (University of Ottawa)  (Hosts: Rui/Joe)

A ternary neural code resolves error and sharpening signals

02/12/22: Neural Computation seminar (MVB room 4.01): Jorge Jaramillo (European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen, Germany)  (Host: Seán)

“Subcortical-cortical interactions for cognitive computations”.

18/11/22: Neural Computation seminar (TBD): Luke Prince (Graphcore)  (Hosts: Rui/Joe)

Parallelism, efficiency, scaling and brain

14/10/22: Neural Computation seminar (G.10 LT Fry Building): Seán Froudist-Walsh (Bristol)  (Hosts: Conor/Rui/Laurence)

Gradients of receptor expression shape distributed cognitive functions



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