Spring 2021

Most meetings on Fridays at 3pm


22 January Hannes Saal (Sheffield): Expansion and contraction of resource allocation in sensory bottlenecks

5 Feb Benigno Uria (Google Deepmind): The Spatial Memory Pipeline: A deep-learning model of spatial understanding in brains and machines.

26 Feb Mac Shine (Sidney University): TBA

19 March ethics discussion on reanimation at zoom 963 0962 4747

26 March Demian Battaglia ( Aix-Marseille University):  Complex neural variability as a resource for cognitive information processing at zoom 963 0962 4747

9 April Jennifer Culbertson (Edinburgh) Understanding nominal word order through information theory and biased learning  at zoom 963 0962 4747

16 April Sander Keemink (Champalimaud):  The underlying geometry of spiking neural networks – on inequalities and convex optimization at zoom 993 6866 9173 Passcode: 028770 

23 April Áine Byrne (U. College Dublin): Next generation neural mass models: an introduction at zoom 963 0962 4747

30 April Seth Bullock (CS) Collective construction in artificial insects at zoom 963 0962 4747

7 May there is an interesting talk in maths which clashes so we won’t have a seminar of our own: https://www.bristolmathsresearch.org/seminar/giacomo-zanella/

14 May learning salon video and discussion at zoom 963 0962 4747

21 May Will Carr: Ripples and memory reactivation patterns in humans
Jonathan Blackman: Dopamine, Sleep and Cognition – DOPAMIND Study

28 May John Butler (Dublin TU)  Two become one: Multisensory Data and Future Modelling at zoom 963 0962 4747

4 June Will Greedy. Journal club talk on https://www.nature.com/articles/s41593-021-00857-x at zoom 963 0962 4747

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