Summer 2020

CNU lab meetings are usually at 3pm on Fridays. More info on

24 July 2020 – CNU seminar: Jan Schulz (University of Basel)

“Nonlinear dendritic inhibition: A trickle that stops the wave”

17 July 2020 – CNU seminar: Helen Barron (Oxford)

“Hippocampal-neocortical interactions in prediction and memory”

10 July 2020 –  Stephen Montgomery (Life Sciences, U of Bristol)

“Sensory and cognitive adaptations in butterfly brains”

3 July 2020 – CNU seminar: James Bennett (Sussex)

“Probing reinforcement learning in Drosophila melanogaster”

Our meetings are for now hosted online.

Winter/Spring 2020

CNU lab meetings are usually at 3pm on Fridays. See also our list highlighting computational neuroscience seminars across the university. More info on

12 June 2020 – CNU seminar: Jake Stroud (University of Cambridge)

“A unifying model of prefrontal dynamics across task epochs during working memory”

22 May 2020 – CNU seminar: Tatjana Tchumatchenko (MPI Frankfurt)

“How proteins navigate dendrites”

15 May 2020 – CNU seminar:

“Attention in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Machine Learning”

Grace Lindsay (UCL)

7 May 2020 – CNU seminar:

“On feedback and robustness in spiking networks, and its implications for perturbation experiments”

William Podlaski (Oxford/Champalimaud) [hosted online]

24 April 2020 – Rahul Gupta (CNU / Computer Science)

10 April 2020 – No meeting, public holiday.

20 March 2020 – Thomas Delaney (CNU/Computer Science)

13 March 2020 – no meeting

6 March 2020 – no meeting (clash with SCEEM research conference)

28 Feb 2020 – CNU seminar: Deep learning research directions (Graphcore)

21 Feb 2020 – Song Liu (School of Maths, Bristol)

‘Learning Differential Patterns using Density Ratio Estimation: with Applications in Neuroscience’

14 Feb 2020 – CNU seminar: Everton Agnes (Oxford)

‘Learning with interacting synapses’

31 Jan 2020 – Emma Roscow

‘Replay in brains and machines’

24 Jan 2020 – Claire Hales (PPN)

17 Jan 2020 – Aleks Domanski (PPN)

‘Decoding the sequential contributions of hippocampal-frontal cortical cell assemblies to spatial decision making’

Our meetings are for now hosted online.